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– Artist, Adventurer, Journalist –


Eldon’s personal story as a photojournalist and activist, working to tell stories of war and famine, has been an inspiration to countless people since his death in Somalia in 1993. This tragedy made headlines around the world – Eldon was 22 years old. During his short life, Eldon created 17 journals filled with vibrant collages of his adventures and thoughts. Originally inspired by his friendship with Peter Beard, and later his love for Basquiat and Rauschenberg, these books are filled with vibrant collages of his adventures and thoughts.

In the pages that fill the bulging journals, Eldon reveals imagistic insight into his extraordinary perspective on the world.  They include snapshots of his life growing up in Kenya, explosive images taken in war-torn Somalia, and detailed drawings of the world around him. They are a blend of photographic reality with transient ephemera of the everyday, and vivid blueprints of Eldon’s imagination.

The works’ multilayered complexity recalls the photo collages of early 20th century artists such as Hannah Höch and John Heartfield. While both tell of worlds submerged in chaos, Eldon’s work seeks to find equilibrium within the madness. From page to page, Eldon’s style and rhythm shift and evolve, reflecting his exploration of the world and his place within it.


– Photos from somalia –

1990 - 1993

– Available Work –